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Kendra Smith

iHub By Anne / April 9, 2014

Microsoft Myskills4afrika training: Building a Messaging and Storytelling Framework


Creating a foundation of messaging for your company, product or service is key to being able to consistently ‘snap’ to a cohesive message when talking to customers and partners by segment. It helps define clearly and consistently the message/s you will want to use across audiences and provides a solid

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iHub By Mark Kamau / April 7, 2014



The open society foundation in conjunction with the iHub user experience lab will be conducting a year-long human centered design fellowship at the iHub UX lab. The aim of the fellowship is to work with local organizations to come up with innovative ways improving their work using a human centered

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iHub By Brian Henia / April 4, 2014

Sponsorship Opportunity -International Youth Workshop on Leadership and Entrepreneurship


Here is an opportunity for you to travel to Finland for an International Youth Workshop on Leadership and Entrepreneurship. There are  6 Scholarships available to motivated youth from any nationality. Additionally, 4 Scholarships available to winners of our Global Inspirational Voices Contest The workshop will take place between 12-15 September2014, Kiljanvanranta Centre, Finland Admission

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iHub By Joseph / April 2, 2014

Who is the young social entrepreneur in the year of the horse?


Guest Post By Nathan Masyuko World Summit Youth Award opens its contest for action on the UN MDGs 2014 is the year of competitions. In the Chinese year of the horse not only Sochi will show who runs the fastest, jumps the farthest and has nerves of steel in the

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Startup Grind

iHub By Joseph / March 31, 2014

Look Nairobi, it’s a bird… it’s a plane… NO IT’S STARTUP GRIND!

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Guest Post By Betty Mutimba What is Startup Grind, you may ask? I’ll tell you. Its exactly what’s been missing in this ‘Digital Savannah’ city of ours. Welcome for the first time in East Africa a global startup community especially purposed to educate, inspire and connect entrepreneurs! We’re talking monthly fireside

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