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iHub By Jessica Colaço / March 2, 2010

iHub Launch – Wednesday 3rd March 2010


The live launch of Nairobi’s premier iHub will take  place on Wednesday, 3rd of March 2010 from 5.30  p.m. – 8.30 p.m. on the 4th floor of the new Bishop Magua Centre (directly opposite the Ngong Uchumi  Hyper) on Ngong Road. We have 50 open slots available for the launch.

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iHub By Erik Hersman / March 1, 2010

The iHub Design & Layout


Two of the best designers in Nairobi, individuals from our tech and design community, have really stepped up. Fady Rostom and Kwame Nyong’o have spent hours with us trying to figure out what to do with this big empty room that is the iHub. It’s hard to express how much

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iHub By Erik Hersman / February 28, 2010

Some more setup pictures


A number of people have been pitching in to get the iHub ready for use. Here are some pictures of everyone at work. Tim Kamau works with the Zuku team to get the new 20Mbs internet connection up. We had an advisory team meeting on Friday night, so here’s the

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iHub By Erik Hersman / February 25, 2010

iHub Membership: How it Works


One of the big issues we’ve been trying to work through as the iHub advisory team revolves around access to the space. This involves items such as usage of the space, openness, accessibility, and a focus on community. How do we ensure that everyone has a fair shot at getting

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iHub By Josiah Mugambi / February 17, 2010

iHub – Ideas, Interests, Investments, Innovations


Quoting Eric Schmidt from a recent article on innovation in the Washington Post: More than ever, innovation is disruptive and messy. It can’t be controlled or predicted. The only way to ensure it can flourish is to create the best possible environment — and then get out of the way.

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