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iHub By Jessica Colaço / May 7, 2011

New Country in the Making


BUILDING A MAP FOR SOUTHERN SUDAN Google Maps – the great site that many people use to find directions to the nearest sushi restaurant, or navigate the shortest route to grandma’s house –is becoming more global by the day. One largely under-mapped region, South Sudan, got a big boost thanks

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / May 6, 2011

My Social Mobile: Public Testers Announcement!


Wesley Kirinya today presented their new Beta Version application called MSM during Friday’s Pizza party. MSM stands for My Social Mobile and is a mobile App that alerts you about the latest updates from your Facebook and Twitter accounts via Voice! This App enables you to listen to your Facebook and

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iHub By John Kieti / May 5, 2011

iHub Robotics Initiative


The *iHub_ Robot Initiative. Since its founding over a year ago, *iHub_ has changed the Nairobi IT scene completely. The place is full of developers, creatives and VC’s looking to form partnerships and transform the local IT scene. Partnerships have been formed, deals have been struck, and the place is

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iHub By John Kieti / May 4, 2011

BitMagic (April) and Ubuntu Release Party Event Update


Last month’s BitMagic was a blast. Many thanks to Phares who took the group through virtualization 101 on a white-board. But as I had predicted, he was not able to convince us that virtualization is as simple as it should. Instead, he emphasized proper planning and anticipation to prevent future

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / May 1, 2011

Salesforce Cloud CRM for Nonprofits @iHubNairobi


Salesforce Foundation are inviting all iHub members to a day of free workshops which will take place at the iHub on Wednesday 11th May. They’ll be introducing Salesforce’s Cloud CRM which is donated to nonprofits, and they’ll be showing how it can be used to manage fundraising, donors, volunteers, projects

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