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iHub By Anne / March 30, 2012

Second M-governance workshop at the iHub Research

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How can citizens use with m-governance applications to interact with government? How many citizens understand what the term governance means? iHub Research held its second workshop on m-governance on the 22nd of March 2012.The aim of the workshop was to interact with key stakeholders in the industry that affect this

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iHub By Hilda Moraa / March 29, 2012

M-Maji Launch: A USSD application to improve clean water access in the slums


    It’s not every day that a mobile application is launched to the accompaniment of songs, dances, and gymnastics. That’s exactly what happened at Sarangombe in Kibera, where a crowd gathered to launch M-Maji  (“mobile-water” in Swahili). M-Maji is a mobile phone-based water information system that aims to empower under-served communities with better

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iHub By Hilda Moraa / March 28, 2012

Design Thinking Workshop at iHub


It was a super cool and interactive workshop with Terry and Joshua from Stanford and Dan from University of Nairobi.  If you are a techpreneur,researcher, a designer and you did not attend  then you missed out! We learnt a bunch of interesting and eye-opening things. The workshop started off

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / March 23, 2012

Kipokezi Apps Challenge Submission Deadline Extended


We realise that some of you developers have been struggling to get everything in place for the original ideas deadline, so the Kipokezi Apps Challenge deadlines have been extended. The new dates allow all developers a greater amount of time to spend on your apps, and feature an opportunity for

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iHub By Hilda Moraa / March 22, 2012

ICT Hubs Model: Understanding the Key Factors of the iHub Model


iHub research has released the final model report which can be downloaded here.  iHub Research is currently dis-aggregating the unique factors that make up ICT Hubs models in Africa and the iHub was the first to be profiled out of the other 14 Hubs/Labs. Methodology Mixed methods were used to

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