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iHub By Scott Henry / July 22, 2014

Success Through Failure – Third Time’s The Charm!

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Guest Blog by Benadatte Kaggwa When it comes to business, or one’s career for that matter, no one likes to hear the dreadful word ‘failure’; everyone likes a success  story, even though the greatest stories of triumph come from repeated failed attempts, several reinvented ideas, and a strong willpower not to

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iHub By Scott Henry / July 19, 2014

< Job hunting for techies 101 > – How it went down


What an evening! From the whole team at Duma Works, we thank the members of the iHub community who joined us for our event of Wednesday, “Job Hunting for Techies 101.” We had a great time discussing the most effective job hunting strategies, what interview tactics are proven to get

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iHub By Joseph / July 11, 2014

The Art of International Business


Guest Blog By: Dave Landry jr With global economies constantly fluctuating and businesses struggling more than ever to thrive with a purely domestic presence, it’s more viable than ever to have a business presence on multiple shores. But in order to so, a business must become fundamentally multilingual, as an enterprise

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Entrepreuers forum

iHub By Joseph / July 9, 2014



What initially began as an interesting discussion has quickly blossomed into a series of great forums where entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and fields get to interact. Dubbed the entrepreneurship forum these stimulating discussions from various speakers are more than simple one way presentations. Having attended the last two forums hosted

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