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iHub By Scott Henry / July 24, 2014

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Guest post by OKhi

The aim of running a Kenyan Lean series is to bring more startups in the Kenyan startup space together to share their learnings on product development and increase the speed of learning in the ecosystem. We believe there is a wealth of knowledge in our startup eco-system and we want to help startups leverage on this to build great companies.


Lean startup is a method for building products and businesses championed by Eric Ries that helps startup to be more innovative and to reduce risk by maximising their learning. If you are looking to get started or you are already on your startup journey, this will also be a good platform to pick out the best practices for building a great company.


Why we are doing this?

When we got started on OkHi earlier this year we had some very insightful conversations with other startups and entrepreneurs across the globe on how to build a great company. We have been able to make great progress from the insights we got from those conversations as well as our combined learning as a team, with more than 15-years experience building products and tech-businesses

How we plan to do it?

We are aiming to make it an experiential process of regular meet-ups where each session we:

  • focus on one aspect of the lean business: UX, analytics, product management, etc.
  • discuss our lean process for the last 4 weeks; share what went well, what didn’t.
  • give an overview of our plan for the next 4 weeks
  • get other startups to provide insights into their lean methodology.

At this point in time, we propose a monthly engagement but in true lean spirit, we’ll be looking to validate that and iterate if necessary.

Who should participate?

Anybody who is currently or has previously ran a startup and is willing to share their learning from that process with full transparency on the product development process. As a startup, you will learn from others and in sharing your learning you will actually develop a self-analysis process that will help to ensure that your are maximising your own learning.

If you’re planning to get started on the startup journey, this will also be a good platform to pick out the best-case practices for building a great company.

Get involved!

We would like to get your feedback on how best to structure these meet-ups. Please fill this short survey to make sure we maximise your learning from this series.

We are holding the first event at iHub, Tuesday 29th July at 5:30pm.

Signup here: LINK

Author : Scott Henry

Scott Henry is an enthusiastic and passionate university student currently studying a combined major in business and computer science at the University of British Columbia. He is committed to leadership in his community, which is demonstrated through his involvements in impact investing and social inclusion. With a keen interest in social enterprise Scott aims to educate his peers on the positive gains that can be acquired through socially responsible business practices. When he’s not writing business plans or endless lines of code he enjoys classical singing, photography and social media.

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