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iHub By James Ndiga / June 18, 2014

Welcome to Tech4Africa 2014 at the *iHub_


Tech4Africa is the premier mobile, web & emerging technology event, bringing global perspective to the African context.

Tech4Africa is a one day event focusing on deep technical workshops and sessions for practitioners, and then engaging talks which impart knowledge, perspective, African context and inspiration.

Tech4Africa also runs regular Developer Hackathons which bring people together to explore technology stacks, complex problems, emerging technologies, collaborate on impactful projects and ideas, and unearth disruptive opportunities.

We think that the best tech ecosystems in the world have regular events which bring together people in tech to learn, meet new people and have lots of fun. We don’t like suits and ties, there are no plenaries, committees and chairpeople. We focus on great content and value for all who attend, and an electric atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

Our simple goal is that you walk away both informed, entertained and inspired. Placing greatest emphasis on learning, interaction, engagement and discussion, we want Tech4Africa to be a place for new ideas and to encourage people to make and change things.

This year Tech4Africa will be held at the *iHub_ on 1st July from 8am t0 8pm.

There will be morning and afternoon sessions, featuring:

  • Speaker sessions
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring

There will also be a networking drinks session afterwards. Subsequent Tech4Africa events will be held in July 15th,Lagos 28th August, Cape Town and 8th-9th October Johannesburg.

To attend kindly register here.

Author : James Ndiga

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