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Data Science Lab By Leo Mutuku / May 18, 2014

iHub Research’s 2nd Data Science Jam: Call for Applications


Update: Deadline Extension

Last year, iHub Research held its first annual data jam and what a success it was! Well, we are doing it again and we would like you to apply. This year, we will be conducting the 6-week data science program from June 30th to August 8th 2014. We have revamped the course and this time round it will be experiential, based on tackling data issues in existing projects by and within startups. Participants in this program will  be embedded into actual projects and practically learn foundational data science concepts while working on these projects/within the start-ups.

Prerequisites for Participation:

  • Students should have their own laptop
  • Students should have done a form of advanced statistics course (Calculus, Probability and Statistics courses taken that are equivalent to 2nd year university level)
  • Students should have some experience in programming (C++, R, Python e.t.c.)
  • Students should show commitment and enthusiasm!

Course Structure:

The course will comprise of face-time workshop sessions, as well as practical ‘lab’ time with the start-ups over the duration of the course.

Course Outline:

-       Introduction to data science

-       Opportunities/use cases for data science

-       Exposure to tools in data science

-       Research in data science (Problem definition/ Knowledge in the field)

-       Data visualisation and story telling with data

-       Ethics in data science and research

Fee Structure:

The total cost of participating in this data science jam is Ksh. 10,000, part of which will be refundable upon successful completion of the course. This fee will go towards covering the cost of learning materials and meals for participants during the course.

If you are interested in joining this course, kindly send a short resume/CV and an accompanying motivation essay (450 words or less) telling us why you are interested in a career in Data Science to by 15th June 2014.

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Author : Leo Mutuku

Leo leads the data science lab at iHub Research. She conducts research on open data, data science and visualisation, design research methods, market and investment research.

  • James at 10:12:41AM Monday, May 19, 2014

    Is the course full time for the entire duration? I’d like to attend but I have a really tight day-to-day schedule

  • Le-Yo at 10:24:32AM Monday, May 19, 2014

    Hi Leo,

    Just wondering what time cost this calls for, is it a full day, 9-3, evening?


  • Mer cy at 09:23:01AM Tuesday, May 20, 2014

    what is the schedule like? (preference evening classes)

  • Kaggzie at 12:23:28PM Monday, June 9, 2014

    What time does this run from? Is it a whole day thing?

  • Leo Mutuku at 22:22:29PM Monday, June 9, 2014

    Hi all, thanks for your interest. While actual classes do not run all day, we require the students to be embedded with us at research or with the start-ups to work on the data science projects. This will be an intense activity and will most likely require a full-time commitment on your part ( In short, yes, it is full-time). Thanks. You can also direct further queries to

  • Dennis at 12:00:28PM Saturday, June 14, 2014

    Hi Leo,

    Huge inconvenience for most of us who are really really interested in this program but cannot manoeuvre our way our of a day time job. Please advise. This would be a glorious opportunity not to waste.

  • Leo Mutuku at 13:05:50PM Monday, June 16, 2014

    Hi Dennis,

    As mentioned, we would like to have the students, as part of the course, concentrate on real problems within start-ups and this will only be possible if they can allocate some time to do so. We have plans for other trainings in future and hope you can participate in those. Thanks.


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