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iHub By Mugethi Gitau / March 19, 2014

Sign up for the very 1st Crypto Party Nairobi



Something awesome is brewing at the iHub. Ever wondered how to communicate securely or how to safely store your data/information? Well then this event is for you. The iHub community is organising a CryptoParty on Tuesday 15 April from 4 pm to 8pm.

What is a CryptoParty?

CryptoParty is a decentralised, global initiative to introduce the most basic cryptography software and the fundamental concepts of their operation to the general public, such as the Tor anonymity network, public key encryption (PGP/GPG), and OTR (Off The Record messaging). CryptoParties are loads of fun, free to attend, public, and commercially and politically non-aligned.

For more information:

About CryptoParty:


CryptoParty Guiding Principles:


There will be plenty of food, drinks and “crypting”. So grab your computers and/or mobile devices, come through and lets party like its December 31 1983!

Sign up here


Win a free cab ride back home from the CryptoParty

Here’s how:-

1. Download the  EasyTaxi free Android app here or the Windows app

2. Actively participate during the CryptoParty

3. Win!

5 active participants will win a cab ride back home.

Thereafter, you can still enjoy discounted rates when you ride with EasyTaxi.

Learn more about them here


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Author : Mugethi Gitau

Mugethi Gitau is an all round creative. A techie by training, she is into all things design - Graphics, fashion, interiors. A writer of fiction and a poet, and tech/gadget blogger on Mugethi has a rich mix of experience ranging from training, community development and advocacy, research and design. A people's person, she enjoys linking the iHub Tech Community with each other, investors/corporates, academics and other stakeholders. She has a dream that one day, Kenyan techies will innovate their own computers and mobile devices and people all over the world will buy them. And use them.

  • Brian Muhia at 14:51:39PM Monday, March 24, 2014

    Neat! Where do I sign up?

  • Mugethi Gitau at 15:29:08PM Monday, March 24, 2014

    Click on the link provided in the article


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