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iHub By Josiah Mugambi / November 1, 2013

Announcing Afrikoin on Nov 20th in Nairobi


On behalf of Savannah Fund:

Afrikoin is a true grassroots initiative driven by innovators that aims to facilitate tackling real challenges surrounding digital currency and payments in Africa while providing a rewarding, learning experience for anyone new to the space. By bringing together practitioners in the industry on November 20th, we hope to push for industry-forward innovation. Among the questions experts will discuss include:

• What are the most effective ways to accept mobile money for your business online or offline?
• What are the digital money usage and payment patterns and trends of African consumers?
• What will be the impact of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies in Africa?
• What are the limits of mobile money and where do credit cards fit in the Africa payment value chain?
• What are the emerging trends in Money Transfer & Remittance Driven Commerce?

At Afrikoin, we will also be presenting a research paper on African user payment & money behaviour. There is a lack of research in sub-Saharan Africa focused on user behaviour of consumers and habits in commerce and trade. Many conferences hone their focus on financial inclusion and the poor, but we concentrate more on the growing middle class, which has a propensity to spend online using e-commerce services. African consumers increasingly want to purchase e-tickets for travel and buy entertainment and other products online. In partnership with iHub Research and biNu’s (Savannah Portfolio Company) new market research service for emerging markets, the Savannah Fund is an anchor sponsor of a study, which launches surveys that can reach up to 1M digitally connected Africans beginning with Kenya. These surveys can answer key questions useful in extending the industry’s understanding of the consumer payment habits online:

• How much is the perception of fraud holding back Africans that own a credit card to transact online?  And where do they use their cards online now?
• Do consumers prefer mobile money over credit cards for online transactions?
• What are the top industry verticals for e-commerce in Africa?
• Are online remittances growing and how big is the Remittance Driven E-commerce market in which diaspora abroad can directly gift vs sending money via traditional channels?

The event will be live-streamed. Only 50 tickets are available for free for qualifying iHub members in the payment or e-commerce space. These iHub members will be vetted to ensure they can get the most out of the conference (i.e. If they are related to the payment industry as a startup or merchant).  Free tickets are available here. And here for purchase.
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Author : Josiah Mugambi

Josiah Mugambi has had several years’ experience in ICT, including software solutions development and networking, and spent nine years working in the telecommunications space with NSN and Huawei. Josiah is one of the co-founders of Skunkworks, an informal gathering of Kenyan technology enthusiasts, have participated in organizing numerous meetings and talks bringing together mostly software & web developers, designers, engineers and bloggers to share their knowledge and network. Kenya’s first BarCamp was a result of this networking, and has been regularly held since then. One of the main aims behind the forming of this group is networking of common techies with the aim of spurring innovation amongst them. Additionally, Josiah has been involved in several startups.   He sat on the Board of Advisors at the Nairobi iHub from its inception before taking over as Executive Director from Erik Hersman in Sept 2013. He is also an iHub Trustee.


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