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iHub UXlab By Mark Kamau / September 29, 2013

What a Month!


We came to the end of Tajriba and what an amazing experience it was! We had world-class, training from some of the best user experience professionals in the world and from such a diverse perspective. This was the first of its kind this side of the world and a welcome addition value to the regional tech ecosystem.

It is critical that we begin to use smarter design approaches to solve African problems. User Centered Design Methods allow us to develop products that meet user’s needs while providing a delightful experience.

We have had 3 amazing weeks learning these methods;-

We thank Kashfi from Praekelt for providing a real life design challenge that affects young Africans across the continent. We thank all the presenters and you all for your moral support #RetweetsAndKudos


We thank Kagonya Awori for her expertise and working towards making Tajriba a success.


Thanks to Shikoh Gitau for tirelessly working to make this happen and for sharing your skills.


We also thank Jeff Maina for taking time to share solid design tips.

We thank Erik Flowers @erik_UX for giving amazing lectures from 14,000 miles away. Amazing stuff.


We thank Susan Dray @susandra for taking time to come and share her vast experience with us. Thank you Susan for your tireless efforts.



We thank Google for supporting Tajriba 2013.


We thank all the participants (University students, entrepreneurs, designers and developers) for your energy and tireless work.


We especially thank Kene who flew in all the way from Nigeria to participate in Tajriba.


What an amazing, inspiring and energizing experience!


See you in 2014!


Author : Mark Kamau

Mark Kamau is passionate about User Centered Design and the potential smartly designed technologies have to solve African challenges. He has over 10yrs experience in the multimedia space with regional and international experience. He is passionate about Africa, design thinking and technology in a global and localized, African context. He is the User Experience Lead at the iHub UX lab working with start ups, corporates and academics in the ensuring products built in Africa are user centric. He spends the rest of the time growing a user experience culture in Africa.

  • Thomas Mbalu at 10:22:11AM Monday, September 30, 2013

    Hi Mark and Team,

    Looks like you had a very successful Tajriba event, would have loved to attend this.
    Maybe if you can, send me the highlights of the sessions and when the next one will be so that i can come over with some of my team members as well.

    Tom Mbalu

  • Mark Kamau at 23:19:20PM Monday, September 30, 2013

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your comment Tom. We normally announce events through the blog and iHub newsletter. Please be checking these regularly.
    In the meantime, we were able to upload some of the presentations on slideshare for you. Please follow the links below to access them.

    Once more, thanks for getting in touch.


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