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iHub By Mercy Deche / June 14, 2013

Tech Meets Conservation – 24.06.2013


By Evans Campbell

The last TMC meetup involved a very thrilling and heated discussion about how technology can play a part in driving awareness about the need for conservation locally. It also pointed out some of the current problems conservationists face in their struggle to protect our ever-endangered natural resources. The Geeks in Gumboots <codename GiGs> present realised one thing: no one is telling the stories that need to be told.

Therein lies the theme for our next meetup; Nairobi Then & Now.  We intend to go through a revelatory journey through time, comparing our city as we know it today, with the one we once knew back in the day.  From the clean Nairobi River of once before to the grimy, dark shadow of a freshwater body we see now, we want to hear YOUR 2-min story about the tragic environmental changes you’ve witnessed in your time as a Nairobian. And we’ll piece them all together to make one story we can tell to all.

Join the GiGs on Monday 24th June from 5 – 6:30PM, and share your story about Nairobi.

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Author : Mercy Deche

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