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iHub By Rachel Gichinga / June 10, 2013

Intel Software and Services Group Africa Launch | June 19th 2013 | 8am to 8pm | Strathmore University, iLab Africa


The Intel Launch Event focuses on introducing Intel to the local ecosystem of developers to help them access and exploit the tremendous capabilities of Intel processors and technologies so that they can deliver amazing experiences to end-users.

We live in an incredibly connected world – and it is growing fast – 11 new users every second – over 3billion internet users. What is driving this growth? Connectivity in every aspect of our lives. Computing has evolved – from the start in business productivity to business and consumer mobile computing to computing touching every aspect of our lives and as the usages have grown to touch so many aspects of our lives.

Be it reading or working, we can easily find highly optimized solutions that enhance the user’s life experience. For example, e-book reader read 30% more than their paper based peers – increased access! Waiting in line used to be a waste of time; but now we check a sports score, txt a friend, or send a tweet. 80% of smartphone users comparison shop using their smartphone. Social media like Twitter and Facebook have radically altered the way we organize and interact with each other

This explosion of usages drives the growth of computing opportunities. There is an explosion in client devices – with consumers owning multiple devices that they use in different ways across their life.

The connected devices drive the creation and sharing of data and demand for services creating many additional opportunities for the digital economy to grow.

What brings this whole digital economy to life? Software. Software on the client devices, software in data centers creating managed cost effective data center and cloud capabilities, software that manages and creates value out of big data, software that creates and manages services. This is a multibillion dollar industry growing fast around the world.

Both the computing device consumption and the Software ecosystem are growing worldwide – but nowhere as fast as in Asia. User experience is driving adoption of technology in our everyday lives.

Intel’s vision is to create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth. From smart phones to servers, from tablets to in-vehicle infotainment, and from Ultrabooks to set-top boxes…you’ll find Intel processors at the heart of computing solutions. And it’s the software that really makes these systems come alive to deliver amazing experiences to end-users.

Join us at Strathmore iLab on June 19th and learn more about how to access and exploit the tremendous capabilities of Intel processors and technologies so that they can deliver amazing experiences to end-users.

Register here to attend. 

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Author : Rachel Gichinga

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