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iHub By Rachel Gichinga / May 16, 2013

FIRE Programme Awards 2013: Submit your applications by June 29th

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Due to immense interest in the FIRE Programme Awards 2013, we are extending the deadline. We don’t want you to miss out, so here is your last opportunity to apply for the awards. The deadline for submission is now 29th June 2013!

The Fund for Internet Research and Education (FIRE) is an initiative of AFRINIC, the regional Internet registry for Africa that aims to encourage innovation and find creative, accessible and acceptable solutions to Africa’s ICT challenges. The FIRE program Awards will be granted to initiatives that are on the last stages of implementation or that have finalized activities already that are aligned with the funding categories and eligibility criteria. Awards will be up to USD 3,000. Innovation and development should be an integral part of all award nominations.

Categories for 2013:

  • Innovation on access provision: ICT access is a common issue in the African region, especially for services that require broadband connectivity. Innovative solutions offering low cost deployment, low power consumption and low maintenance that expanded fixed and mobile access to the Internet through new forms of technical and organisational arrangements as well as improved the quality of access based on issues of accessibility, disability and linguistic diversity.
  • E-Development: The development, deployment and enhancement of content, applications and solutions to support timely and relevant information dissemination on a large scale using a range of network infrastructures through a variety of devices.
  • Freedom of expression: Initiatives related to freedom of expression, freedom of association, privacy, security, consumer’s rights, new forms of intellectual property in the digital environment, and a wider range of issues related to Internet and human rights.

In addition to the above categories, there will be a Community Choice Award category for the best social media campaign. The winner will be a project receiving the most number of votes from the community.

For more information on the Award and application process, please contact:

Vymala Thuron, and visit our website:


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Author : Rachel Gichinga

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