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iHub By Rachel Gichinga / May 27, 2013

Creative Commons Salon | Thursday June 6th | 5 – 7:30 pm | iHub

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Akili Dada is thrilled to announce the inaugural Creative Commons Salon in Nairobi, organized in partnership with Creative Commons Kenya and the Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology, the School of Open Kenya, and Akili Dada.

The event will be held on Thursday, June 6th from 5-7:30pm at the iHub, with the discussion beginning at 6pm. All are welcome. Entrance is free and light refreshments will be available. No RSVP necessary, but you can let us know you’re coming on Facebook.

We will be talking about using technology as a democratizing tool, especially one that will level the playing field for education and opportunity in Kenya. The technology that surrounds us everyday – our mobile phones, the Internet, Google search – has the power to create access to resources and opportunities for people and groups that are typically excluded – like girls and women, and people from underprivileged communities. Unless we are intentional about building an inclusive tech space within Kenya – and getting support at the government level – those groups will remain on the outside.

How can we tap into the power of collaboration and inclusion that technology allows to spur growth and social change?

How do we better equip girls and women to gain access to technology in a way that transforms their lives?

What policies are in place to support these critical advances, and where are the gaps that we’ve yet to fill?

Panelists include:

We’ll see you there!

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Author : Rachel Gichinga

1 comment
  • slovo at 22:50:36PM Wednesday, June 5, 2013

    sounds very intresting to attend.


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