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iHub By Rachel Gichinga / April 22, 2013

The NexGen 100 Man LAN: KAGE League of Legends | Saturday 27th April | 5 pm – 8 am | iHub


Join us this Saturday, 27th April,  for a night of gaming!

On Saturday the 19th of January 2013, the iHub became the scene of what can only be described as ‘gaming of epic proportions’ in Kenya. NexGen and Pwnage tag-teamed to bring the year-opening LAN party dubbed ‘Survivor’s Bash’. This particular installment was bigger and better than ever as the gaming dynamics continued to evolve in Kenya.

Originally a PC-only affair, the event has begun to encompass the console gamer as well. Ultimately the end goal of the event became a full-out gaming experience no matter what platform is engaged.

The event started at 4pm on Saturday and ran through until sunrise. In addition to that, it was a ‘Bring Your Own Rig’ affair and true to that, people came in with a huge array of machines that ranged from custom built behemoths to next generation gaming laptops. The primary games slated for the night included Crysis and Serious Sam; both of them highly competitive First Person Shooters. Moreover, there were other games slated to be played though including Modern Warfare 2, Counter Strike and even FIFA ‘13.

The 100 Man LAN stands as a cornerstone of gaming in Kenya. Future plans for this tournament, such as the one this Saturday, feature the inclusion of a stronger RTS (Real Time Strategy) presence and hopefully national gaming tournaments that can be played out of one’s living room.

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Author : Rachel Gichinga

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