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iHub By Rachel Gichinga / April 12, 2013

The Developer’s Dilemma – How will the market change over the next 3-5 years? | Talk by Russell Southwood | Thursday 18th April, 2013 | 4-6 pm | iHub


Last week Airtel Nigeria started promoting the OTT service What’s App to its users for US63 cents a month. Safaricom has recently said that it will promote smartphones rather than feature phones to encourage data use. The GSM Association has recently published a report saying that data revenues will exceed voice by 2016.

If you’re a Kenyan developer, these things matter because you’ll need to think about what handsets are in the market and what types of revenue models will exist to support new apps and services. Russell Southwood, CEO of  Balancing Act, an Africa-focused telecoms and internet analyst will attempt to unpick these puzzles and look at what types of business models may flourish in this changing environment.

Join us on Thursday 18th April from 3-5 pm at the iHub for this chat.

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Author : Rachel Gichinga

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