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iHub UXlab By Mark Kamau / March 18, 2013

UX THURSDAYS : Free UX review for your product. Book now!

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The iHub UX lab has been hard at work ensuring that user experience techniques reach the community and are helping start ups in a practical way. How? Instead of having generic random workshops, we have been pursuing a 2 prong strategy to ensure that UX is practically relevant to the community.


  1. We have been offering consistent, gradual training from one level to the next every Thursday from 5:30, ensuring that individuals and/or teams who attend are consistently and systematically learning new skills in a manner that takes into cognizance the need for learning curve management.
  2. We have been offering free UX hours for the whole day Thursday. This means as a start up, you can book an appointment with us and have a free UX review of your product. Within the time we meet you, we solely focus on your product in a private and focused space and mindset. This ensures you leave with meaningful insights for improving your product.

You are welcome to join us for training on Thursday, 5:30 or you can book a review for your product by signing up here

Author : Mark Kamau

Mark Kamau is passionate about User Centered Design and the potential smartly designed technologies have to solve African challenges. He has over 10yrs experience in the multimedia space with regional and international experience. He is passionate about Africa, design thinking and technology in a global and localized, African context. He is the User Experience Lead at the iHub UX lab working with start ups, corporates and academics in the ensuring products built in Africa are user centric. He spends the rest of the time growing a user experience culture in Africa.

1 comment
  • Siva Ramaswami at 00:01:21AM Monday, August 26, 2013

    I need a UX review of my site this Thursday (8/29/2013) . The most convenient time for me is 6 PM EST – 10 PM EST.
    Please let me know if we can schedule something.


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