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iHub By Anne / March 13, 2013

NRBuzz Upcoming: M-Governance Water Project by iHub Research

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Water is life. Did you know that Kenya is classified as a water scarce country? Sustainable access to safe water is around 60% in the urban setting and drops to as low as 20% in the settlements of the urban poor where half of the urban population lives. In 2007, findings from the National Water Services Strategy indicated that the water sanitation situation is poor with only 57% of households using water from sources that are considered safe.  Even though use of mobile is widespread across the country, very few people have access to water related information.

iHub Research’s M-Governance project team  has been researching the use of mobile technology in promoting transparency Issues in water governance. Recently, the research team returned from the field after interviewing 900 citizens and about 10 stakeholders in the water sector.  The findings of this study have been documented in our report here:

iHub Research would like to welcome you to participate in the discussion as we share the methodology, the findings and the way forward of the M-Governance project. What role do you perceive mobile playing to solve your need in accessing water information from relevant stakeholders like government? (This information could range from water rationing timetables, checking and paying water bills, water treatment methods e.t.c)

To find out, join us at the iHub (4th Floor) – Bishop Magua Building, Opposite Uchumi, Ngong Rd. , on the 19th of March at 5:30pm. Please  sign up for the event here.

The research team comprising of Hilda Moraa, Albert Otieno and Anne Salim will be presenting on the project findings.

The M-Governance project has been running for a period of 18 months. Read more on the project here


Author : Anne

Anne Salim studies the growth of African mobile-based education with a focus on the sustainable use of technologies in schools. Anne is currently a researcher at iHub, where she leads the program on M-Governance. The study has focused on the role of mobile devices for enhancing transparency in governance of the water sector. Anne studied Business Information Technology from Strathmore University and her interests include applying Design Thinking processes to Kenya, as well as facilitating Hackathon events.

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