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iHub By Joseph / February 19, 2013

Uchaguzi: Merging Local and Digital


Planning and training:

We have two types of teams you can join: Community Working Groups and Uchaguzi Digital Teams.

Nairobi-based folks are invited to attend in person training this week. We will be hosting online training in the coming week for digital participants.

Tuesday, February 19
 (Community Working Groups)
Thursday. February 21 (Uchaguzi training)
Saturday, February 23 (Uchaguzi training)
Monday, February 25 (Uchaguzi training)

Uchaguzi translation
(photo: Angie demo’ing KiSwahili translation)

How to get involved:

Small Asks:

1. Share this tweet or post to Facebook?

“Uchaguzi is a community and movement to monitor the Kenyan elections:, Email:, Twitter: #uchaguzi or SMS: 3002”

2. Help us find volunteers?
We will need many hands to help build Uchaguzi. Can you share with your networks and help us build local and global teams to monitor for free and fair Kenyan elections?

Sample Tweet: “Uchaguzi is a community and movement to monitor the Kenyan elections. Won’t you join us in making voices heard? Join a team “

Big asks:

1. Help Test the new Uchaguzi Platform:
Our platform is live at The dev site is

We are still testing and pushing new code daily. Would you have a few moments to take a spin and help us test?
How to test:
1. Create your account on
2. Ping us on skype or irc to be upgraded to admin. Or email: please contact linda,, or
3. Test and add items to Uchaguzi testing spreadsheet or github

2. Build and edit Documentation:
If you have deployment experience, can you help us build documentation and training? See our Uchaguzi landing pages on the wiki. Ping @heatherleson or

3. Join Local and digital teams. Become a team leader.

We are seeking TEAM Coordinators in Nairobi, DC or globally for a few of these teams. You will need to have previous deployment experience. See the roles available. Please contact Heather Leson ( or Angela Odour ( for more details.

There are over 100 folks signed up to help make Uchaguzi possible both offline and online.Here’s a note we shared with them.

We will be sharing many updates in the coming days.

Uchaguzi Report Anatomy


Author : Joseph

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