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iHub By Gladys Kitony / February 7, 2013

The Nairobi Research Buzz: Session 2 – Tech Innovation in Africa


What is Tech Innovation? Is African Tech Innovation any different and can it be measured? Are there hidden hotbeds of innovation in Africa?  Can Africans be more innovative?

The second session of ‘The Nairobi Research Buzz’ will serve as a forum to answer these questions and others, in the context of African Tech Innovation.

Details are as follows:

Date: 12th of February 2013
Theme: Tech innovation in the African context
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: iHub 4th Floor – Bishop Magua Building, ngong Road
Presenter: Brian Omwenga

Brian is a Computer Science, PhD Candidate at the University of Nairobi, School of Computing and Informatics, working on a joint project with iHub research on generating an African Tech-Innovation Index. The first phase of the project is funded by the Africa Innovation Foundation. He will present the project’s preliminary work and the upcoming fieldwork in Rwanda and Botswana. The project explores African Tech-Innovation, the Tech-Innovation System, and the measurement of African Innovation. This presentation will focus on the systems engineering methodology for representing and measuring the African innovation system.

Brian is also currently an academic advisor to the Microsoft Afrika Academy and the chair of the KEBS technical committee on Software Engineering standards. He is a part-time lecturer at the University of Nairobi School of Computing and Informatics.

Register here to attend the event.

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