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Moses Gichanga at the Robotocs Meetup

iHub Research By Joseph / February 6, 2013

iHub Robotics Meet Up

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It’s always refreshing to see a group of hardware enthusiasts come together to share their interests in robotics and showcase their both past and upcoming projects.

It is for this reason that we put together our first iHub Robotics Meet Up on 1st February, 2013 at the iHub as an open forum for anyone interested in learning about new robotics projects to both share and learn from each other, this way nurturing a community of hardware techies.

Moses Gichanga at the Robotocs Meetup

Moses Gichanga at the Robotocs Meetup with his autonomous aircraft which he built

Moses Gichanga was quite the crowd puller, with his autonomous aircraft that he has been working on over the last couple of years, mostly from Fort Collins. The plane which is controlled remotely using a hand held remote radio controller, has an on-board microcontroller, GPS and sensors to monitor its navigation. It is run on the Arduino platform with a Linux interface that he developed with Sparkfun electronics.

The plane has a camera mounted on it transmits the images his computer and also enables the user to have an aerial view using the googles up to a height of 1500m above ground level. This unique feature makes it possible to be used to monitor elephant poaching the reserves, which recently has reached alarming levels. Moses adds, “Unfortunately, innovation in this case has been born out of the need to curb illegal poaching practices. Ideally, people should simply create and build projects that they are enthusiastic about without being confined to solving world problems as an end it itself- it should be simple and fun.” His innovation drew in a number of iHubbers who may not necessary have worked in electronics but were simply curious.

I guess we can say mission accomplished; iHub Robotics is looking to draw in all curious people with different skillsets, with whom we can ideate, create and build.

Robotics Meetup with Moses Gichanga
As a continuation of the intelligent traffic light system that has been one of our on-going projects, we brought in Laban Okune to talk about his brainchild Ma3Route that continues to play an integral role in how both  road users and the authorities interact on an almost real-time traffic situation. This was  a forum for Laban, the team behind the traffic project (Kingsley Ndiewo and Juliet Wanyiri) as well as the larger robotics community to discuss ways of improving the system and areas of overlap which will be great opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.  We received great feedback from the community regarding best practices on the system and possible recommendations to improve its functionality.

Be sure to join us at our next meet up which will be held on 16th February from 4pm where will be hacking on the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi – a microcomputer device that can be plugged in with several devices.  Share your ideas with us on possible project on our Facebook page for our next meet up.  We look forward to your participation in upcoming meet ups which will be held on Fridays every fortnight where we bring together newbies, intermediary users and pro-techies through a hands-on interactive session.

Robotics Meetup

(Photo by Joseph Mathai)

Join us at our next meet up which will be held on 16th February from 4pm where will be hacking on the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi – a microcomputer device that can be plugged in with several devices.

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Author : Joseph

A USIU trained journalist & an aspiring animator Joseph thrives behind the camera. He is a still photography and videography aficionado. Joe is currently the director/editor behind African Tech Bits, an iHub production that features start ups in the tech scene. This Canonite can mostly be seen at the iHub in the company of his Canon 550D.

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  • Alfred Mwendwa at 17:22:43PM Monday, February 11, 2013

    Nice work. I do robots too. I did this while in college , a year ago. My idea was to use easily available, cheap parts to make a Linux robot that can be controlled from anywhere in the world over the internet and stream video through the web. Here are the photos: . Just wondering, my green membership never seems to arrive. How can I take part in this Robotics program of yours if I am not a member ? I love hacking hardware.


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