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Farmer Ploughing Dry Soil with Oxen

iHub By Rachel Gichinga / January 7, 2013

Research to Impact Hackathon: Agriculture & Nutrition | January 22 – 25 2013 | iHub



Linking information and data, and taking it to where it is needed

Every year institutions, researchers and practitioners generate thousands of datasets, reports and articles about development issues. Yet, much of this knowledge remains underused , locked away in silos. The Institute for Development Studies (IDS), and Research for Development (R4D) have been working to open up access to research information, creating open APIs allowing anyone to tap into over 15 years of curated development research.

Farmer Ploughing Dry Soil with Oxen

Farmer Ploughing Dry Soil with Oxen | Photo from Africa Focus, University of Wisconsin

Open data on the web makes it possible to take information on research from many sources, and to generate ‘mash-ups’ that make it available in different places, on different platforms, and in ways that support action and impact. Open data can be remixed to answer key questions in ways that were not possible before.

In this hackathon focused on agriculture and nutrition we will bring together subject matter experts with tech developers to explore create innovative prototypes to increase the use and impact of research in development.

Subject experts are invited to join us on all day on Tuesday 22nd January to explore key needs for access to research and data. Through a facilitated workshop together we will come up with problem statements to present in the afternoon.

Developers are invited to join us from the afternoon of the 22nd January to hear about the challenges identified by our subject experts, and then to spend 23rd and 24th January working on building prototype solutions.

On the 25th January we all come back together for a showcase of the prototypes created, judging of the best prototype, and to explore ways to take forward better use of open data and research to inform practice.

Subject experts can also take part on the 23rd – 24th where expert support will be available for you to explore the available open data and resources to answer particular policy questions, and there will opportunities to work with the developers to help shape the prototypes under development.

There will be a prize – the best prototype will be awarded a package of financial and practical support to take forward future development of the idea (details to be confirmed). Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Register here to participate.

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Author : Rachel Gichinga

  • Charles Lwanga-Ntale at 14:52:39PM Friday, January 18, 2013

    Looking forward to this very important hackathon at a time when issues of nutrition and food security are taking centre stage particularly in the Eastern African region. An area in which I would like to see innovation is that of mobile phone technology and other IT channels to deliver agricultural advisory services to poor communities.

  • Ngari Joshua at 19:11:52PM Monday, January 21, 2013

    Lets kick hunger out of Kenya

  • Research to Impact Hackathon: Agriculture & Nutrition | The Expatriate at 13:35:06PM Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    [...] More information here [...]


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