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iHub By Editor / January 9, 2013

iHub Newsletter Survey


Welcome to another great year!

Last year, the iHub achieved several milestones , including the launch of several initiatives – iHub Cluster, iHub UX Lab, and iHub Consult as well as the expansion of iHub Research, and Pete’s Coffee Shop on Ground Floor (serves up great Mexican).

The community remains at the heart of all the iHub does. We appreciate the support of our more than 10,000 and growing members who continuously suggest ideas, volunteer their time and skills and help build our capacity.

“Our overall focus has always been that we should look to serve the tech community first, and that everything else would come from that foundation.” Erik Hersman, co-founder, iHub.

One of the ways we stay in touch with the community is through the weekly newsletter – iWeekly. Where we collate the latest news, bring you opinion pieces from industry thought leaders on ICT matters around the region, as well as keep you updated on latest events around tech .

In order to serve you better, we are asking you to let us know some of the things you’d like to see in the newsletter this year, as well as what you love about it, or what we can add to it.

Take part in the survey here

It would help us greatly if you take part in this feedback process. As the information comes in, we’ll do what we always do  and that is “double down on what works and throw out what doesn’t.”

A HUGE thank you to everyone who makes the iHub possible!

Author : Editor

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