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iHub Research By Angela Okune / December 20, 2012

Umati Online Media Monitoring Project releases November 2012 initial results


We recently released our October findings from the Umati online media monitoring project. Today, we are releasing findings from the month of November. From October to November, there was a very sharp increase in the number of identifiable commenters and we suspect that these online identifiable commenters are not considering the negative impact their statements could have nor are they worried about being associated with the dangerous statements they make. There was a reduction in extremely dangerous speech between October and November and a subsequent increase in moderately dangerous speech.

Notably, there was a decrease from October to November in calls to discriminate, but an increase in the calls to kill and calls to forcefully evict. The possible reasons for this are still being investigated and discussed.

Find further results from monitoring conducted in November 2012 at Umati November 2012 Report.

Monthly results of our initial findings will be released leading up to the 2013 Kenyan elections.

Our flagship Umati project seeks to monitor and report the role of new media on an election. Our Kenya-based project has citizens at its core and uses relevant technologies to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate the information collected.

We look forward to your feedback and continuous support. If you are interested in being added to the newsletter list for our monthly report disseminations, please email your contacts to


Author : Angela Okune

Angela is Research Lead at iHub. She is keen on growing knowledge on the uptake and utility of ICTs in East Africa. She is also co-lead of Waza Experience, an iHub community initiative aimed at prompting under-privileged children to explore innovation and entrepreneurship concepts grounded in real-world experience.

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