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iHub By Editor / November 12, 2012

Kenya | Can The Government Outsource to IT SMEs?


By Chris Foster  With the growth of ICT start-up and small enterprise businesses (SME) in Kenya, one of the questions that has frequently been asked is: What role can the government play in this emerging ecosystem? One suggestion that has been put forward is that the government and state agencies

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Kinu Hubs

iHub By Editor / November 12, 2012

Tanzania | A Tale of Two Tech Hubs

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Tanzania’s ICT In 2012 By Sam Charoz While Africa’s quest for becoming a global ICT destination appears bright, Tanzania  does not want to be left behind. It is stepping forward from the shadows – becoming an actor, instead of just an audience. Private firms have come in to enhance the country’s

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Kenya Open Data Launch

iHub By Conrad Akunga / November 12, 2012

The Trouble With Open Data


By Conrad Akunga ( Unless you have been living under the proverbial rock, you must have come across the term OpenData, either professionally or personally. However as with many novel concepts penetrating the local ICT lexis, much more heat than light has been generated about OpenData. The premise is simple. Government

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iHub Consulting By Mercy Deche / November 9, 2012

The Web 102 (DefiningThe Brand)


By Stig Njiru In previous posts of The Web Series we have looked at the process of understanding the purpose of a website and specific business needs. In this post we will explore the process of defining a business brand and how this applies to its digital presence. There are

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Uncategorized By Rachel Gichinga / November 5, 2012

GSBI Silicon Valley is Recruiting Social Ventures for 2013


As the GSBI™ enters its eleventh year, we are intensifying our focus on helping successful social enterprises scale. GSBI Silicon Valley 2013 will focus on guiding social entrepreneurs to develop fundable business plans to rapidly scale their impact. We would love you to help us identify and invite high-potential social

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