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Uncategorized By Rachel Gichinga / November 5, 2012

GSBI Silicon Valley is Recruiting Social Ventures for 2013


As the GSBI™ enters its eleventh year, we are intensifying our focus on helping successful social enterprises scale. GSBI Silicon Valley 2013 will focus on guiding social entrepreneurs to develop fundable business plans to rapidly scale their impact. We would love you to help us identify and invite high-potential social enterprises to apply. All participants will have curriculum tailored for their organization, be matched with 2-3 mentors with skills to complement their objectives, and be matched with one of the GSBI’s Impact Investment Partners. GSBI’s impact investor partners include Accion, Acumen Fund, Beyond Capital Fund, The Eleos Foundation, Invested Development, and Hub Ventures, among others.

GSBI alumni and current class members include iHub community members m-Farm and Ben Lyon of Kopo Kopo.

The Center’s core program is GSBI Silicon Valley, formerly known just as GSBI. The name suffix helps to keep the programs clear as we pilot GSBI Online and build the GSBI Network with other university-based incubators. The core GSBI Silicon Valley processes (application, online exercises, in-residence, and implementation) remain the same, but selection criteria, curriculum, and customization are focused on developing selecting and training investment ready social enterprises.

Enterprises will be evaluated using this scoring matrix:

  • Strength of Mission
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Potential for Scale
  • Demonstrated Beneficial Outcome
  • Management Capacity
  • Effective Business Model

Detailed instructions on applying can be found on our website here.

Author : Rachel Gichinga

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