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iHub By Editor / September 2, 2012

m2Work Hackathon

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In order to bring mobile microwork ideas into life and to support aspiring mobile entrepreneurs on their track to establish sustainable businesses, we’ll be organizing, with the support of infoDev, a global m2Work Hackathon along with four other countries on September 15-16, 2012. At the event, talented ideators will have the chance to connect with fellow developers and build working prototypes with market appeal.

Visit the m2Work Hackathon’s official website here.

Earlier this year, infoDev and Nokia launched the m2Work Challenge, which yielded almost 1000 ideas on how to create jobs that people could do from many of the five billion active mobile phones in developing countries.

The next phase is to bring those ideas to life. Several challenge winners are deep in talks with national governments, angel investors, and fellow developers on how to improve and distribute their apps. To help the larger m2Work community turn their ideas into mobile microwork businesses, infoDev and its global partners are organizing the m2Work Hackathon in five sites across the world.

The m2Work Hackathon aims to:
  • Shape promising idea submissions into mobile application prototypes;
  • Bolster other prototype mobile microwork applications that qualify for pre-incubation support at infoDev’s Mobile Application Labs (mLabs), and
  • Increase awareness for the job-creating potential of mobile microwork in developing countries.

The local chapters of the event will be hosted by mLab East Africa (Kenya), mLab Southern Africa (South Africa), mLab ECA (Republic of Armenia), mLab East Asia (Vietnam), and mHub

To learn more about mobile microwork or get involved in the Hackathon, contact us at and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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