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iHub By Joseph / September 6, 2012

iHub Robotics Crowd Fund


Want to be a part of the iHub Robotics initiative? Help iHub Robotics purchase microcontrollers, sensors and other cool components and if you are the highest bidder, you could have the first iHubber to have a robot named after you!

Kicked off by the generous support of Leo and Nekesa, who were folllowed suit by the rest of research team, we raised Ksh. 1300 in half an hour!

Before and after images of the money raised in under an hour.

All we need to do is raise the remaining Ksh. 20,000 to buy the following parts so we can start building robots:

  • 6 x ATMEGA 32 which controls the functionality (6 x 1500= 9000)
  • 6 x Breadboards for mounting the components (6 x 300 = 1800)
  • 2 x Humidity sensors which measures the amount if humidity in the atmosphere ( 2 x 3000 =6000)
  • 2 x Thermistors which measures the ambient temperature ( 2 x 250 = 500)
  • 1 x FTDI Chip (1 x 1500 = 1500)
  • 1 x GSM module from a Samsung E1050 which will be used to receive SMS updates of the robot’s status  (1 x 2500 =2500)
 Drop off your donations in the brown fedora at the iHub Research offices on first floor and be part of this great initiative.
 Alternatively, you can send you MPESA donations to +254 721 819 271






Author : Joseph

A USIU trained journalist & an aspiring animator Joseph thrives behind the camera. He is a still photography and videography aficionado. Joe is currently the director/editor behind African Tech Bits, an iHub production that features start ups in the tech scene. This Canonite can mostly be seen at the iHub in the company of his Canon 550D.

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