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iHub By Rachel Gichinga / September 27, 2012

Creativez Catchup | Sunday September 30th, 2012 | The GoDown Arts Centre


Welcome to the follow-up to our last Catchup, ‘Where Are We Going’, which was held in May 2012. This Creativez Catchup aims to unearth from different views and voices where Kenya’s Creative Economy is at a whole. The challenges, the pace at which we are growing-behind or with global growth as well as driving home why now in the global economy more than ever creative culture is valuable and deserving of multi-sectoral support.

This will be an open conversation driven by 4 panelists where YOU star. Bring all your questions, concerns, queries and share them with us.

We’ll hear from David Muriithi of Creative Enterprise Centre and his no-holds barred experience and over-view of why Creative business in Kenya is where it is. Dr Mshai Mwangola  of Kenya Cultural Centre comes in on where policy and the enabling environment are challenged and how you can play a part in strengthening it; while Alex Gakuru of Creative Commons shares why now more than ever the world awaits Kenyan innovation and creativity, and what you need to access the global market. Finally, from Julius Sang of Karen Art Village comes a new exciting creative and artistic hub aimed at developing and sustaining creative genres in Kenya.

Entry is Free to this open dialogue session for all Techies, Creatives, Innovators and ArtyCulturalists

For more info tweet us @TheCreativez, find us on Facebook at TheCreativez, or email

Author : Rachel Gichinga

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