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iHub By Editor / September 14, 2012

Africa Technology and Innovations Hubs Web Gathering


Earlier this year BongoHive launched their crowd mapping exercise to gather information about technology innovation hubs and business incubators in Africa. Following on from this we have begun a series of events to bring staff, members and those interested in the development of technology and innovation hubs, together online to share experience and collaborate. (Visit to find out more about these events.)


Open Data – Can Technology Drive Development?

We would like you to join us for the next Africa Technology & Innovation Hubs Web Gathering on 19 September 2012 at 2pm UK time when we will linking you up live with the Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki sharing learning on the potential of open data for technical innovation and application development.

Billed as the Africa Live! broadcast between Helsinki and Africa’s innovation and technology hubs – we hope you will join us to debate the value of open data for development and share examples of mobile and web apps already developed using open government data. There will be speakers from Africa’s Tech Hubs in Helsinki and online in the web gathering.

We would also like you to be part of the  an open discussion on the role of Africa’s technology and innovation hubs in development addressing the question ‘can technology drive development?’

The meeting is free to attend for all innovation hub staff and members.

To register for this event follow this link to the Africa Innovation and Technology Hubs Web Gathering site.

Web Gathering

noun: a meeting or conference held in a virtual space on the internet
verb: to encounter, converse, engage, collaborate in an online meeting space


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