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iHub By Editor / July 28, 2012

Turning Great Ideas into a Business


By Mark Carey

Starting a new business can be scary, difficult, demanding and entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. This can be in the form of support (financial or mentorship), training in practical skills such as the basics of setting up a business, access to financing , the art of negotiation, among others.

The Enablis Entrepreneurial Network who have been supporting entrepreneurs in East Africa since 2007 have teamed up with the NetHope academy to provide a tailored support package for budding IT entrepreneurs.

Techpreneurship: Tech entrepreneurs need crucial support and some help to turn that great idea into a scalable and sustainable business

IT practitioners will be given support in developing a business plan, access to NetHope’s award winning training materials, instant membership of the Enablis entrepreneurial network, mentor and peer support in growing their idea into a business, practical skills in the art of setting up a business and access to financing to help grow the business.  (Apply Here

How it Works

A panel of judges will assess all applications and 100 individuals will be invited to a present their ideas to the panel. Presentation training will be provided.

The winners of the competition will be announced at the gala launch event and 50 entrepreneurs will be selected from Kenya to benefit from the full programme.

The Programme

The programme has been tailored to the needs of busy IT Entrepreneurs with a suitable mix of focussed workshops, self study and mentoring, all of which is provided free of charge to attendees.

Following the launch event, intensive workshops will be carried out in September focussed on producing a robust business plan. In October attendees will be given advice on setting up their business. Throughout this period entrepreneurs will need to make an average of 9 hours per week available to attend workshops and coaching sessions. Attendance can be during morning sessions or afternoon sessions.

Entrepreneurs will then be encouraged to develop their ideas and businesses with tailored support from Enablis’ mentors and coaches. Attendees will carry out self study using NetHope’s training materials focussed on developing the skills required within an IT business.

In January and February,  emphasis on capacity building workshops will ensure Entrepreneurs are focussed on the skills required for business management.

Expected Outcomes

Entrepreneurs will be encouraged to grow their business and it is expected that a year after the training a number of successful attendees will have developed sufficient capacity to access  financing through the loan guarantee scheme offered by Enablis and Chase Bank  and demonstrate  the  number of jobs created

This is a real chance to get the support you need to turn your ideas into a growing business. Interested IT practitioners should submit their idea and application at

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