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iHub Consulting By Mercy Deche / July 26, 2012

The Juggler | Demystifying Project Management


When you hear ‘Project Management’, what comes to mind? You probably think it is a complicated practice which needs sophisticated tools and processes in order to accomplish. You probably wouldn’t think of it simply as a way of thinking or an approach to daily tasks. And you probably wouldn’t think of it as juggling. Yes, juggling.

Juggling Too Many Projects?

Project management is simply about balancing resources, time, quality and objectives to achieve a specific goal. It is about knowing which projects to pursue and which ones not to, based on their overall benefit to the business. It is about keeping your finger on the pulse of a project to know when you need to change plans or drop the project altogether.

Panellists: Riyaz Bachani, Clement Kitetu, Godfrey Osotsi, Douglas Gatobu, Alex Siboe and Andrew Lewela

Last week, iHub had the pleasure of hosting 5 project management professionals to share their perspective on the field with the community. Douglas Gatobu, Clement Kitetu, Godfrey Osotsi, Andrew Lewela, Alex Siboe and Riyaz Bachani engaged in a dynamic discussion with 21 creatives, techies, entrepreneurs and business professionals of the iHub community. The discussion was moderated by Rael Mugambi, who is the Project Management advisor of iHub Consulting.

The Importance of Project Management as a Business Tool

They shared how as a field, Project Management is a business tool for increasing competitiveness and why the project approach is important. The following session will be on Thursday 2nd August from 5.30pm. This time, the discussion will pick up on what it means to be a Project Manager on a daily basis.


Author : Mercy Deche

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