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m:lab By John Kieti / May 20, 2012

M-farm to launch price information mobile apps in June


M-farm Limited will launch its brand new mobile applications for agricultural commodity price information on 5th June 2012 at Ole Sereni Hotel, Nairobi. The launch which will be officiated by Dr. Bitange Ndemo, Kenya’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication will be held in the evening of

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iHub Research By Angela Okune / May 19, 2012

Internal Design Thinking Trainings at iHub Research


Bridget McGraw, a Design Thinking expert, is guiding the iHub Research team on how best to conduct design-thinking training for the iHub community. One of the rationales behind design thinking is that product developers often forget to interact heavily with the users of products to find what users want from

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / May 18, 2012

First Wave Workshops for Pivot East Finalists


Cross posted from the Pivot East Blog The 25 Pivot East 2012 finalists, on 10th May 2012, attended their first mentorship and coaching training at the iHub, Nairobi. The coaching session was on Effective Pitching .The finalist who will have to pitch to Investors, Venture Capitalists, judges, government officials and

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m:lab By John Kieti / May 15, 2012

Kopo Kopo grows out of incubation at m:lab East Africa


For Kopo Kopo Inc, a Nairobi based mobile payment services startup, growth could not have been more rapid over the last 12 months. In August 2010, the company was formed, setting up base at the iHub co-working space in Nairobi beginning in early 2011. The company started with a skeleton

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Uncategorized By Jessica Colaço / May 14, 2012

The First African Internet Standards Forum

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Editor’s Note: This is a Guest Post by Paul Muchene of the iHub Networks Team The phenomenal success of the Internet as today’s chief communication medium and platform for collaborative sharing and interaction has not been an accident. There exists core values that have underpinned the Internet’s rise and exponential

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