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iHub Research By Editor / May 8, 2012

About iHub Research

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Driving local tech research in Africa

Hub Research is  the research arm of the iHub  focused on conducting  high quality research with an emphasis on technology and its uses in Africa. We facilitate local research capacity building and conduct local qualitative and quantitative research in East Africa, by East Africans. We bring information on technology and its uses to the technology community, enabling entrepreneurs and developers to make better decisions on what to build and how to build it.

*iHub Research aims to change the ICT Research landscape in Africa by bringing together researchers from around the continent to collaborate and build greater African scholarship. This involves telling stories about the community and creating a space for researchers to tell their own story. We endeavor to carry out technology research on a global level, setting standards in this area and acting as a beacon for research in Africa.

How it began

Realizing a gap in quality and quantity of research stemming from Africa, iHub—Nairobi’s Tech Innovation Center—decided to develop a research arm to facilitate local research capacity building and to conduct local qualitative and quantitative research in Africa. *iHub Research works from within the nerve center of Kenya’s technology community. The organization has expertise in technology research and facilitates local ICT research capacity in the region.

*iHub Research emerged from discussions in ICTD 2010 on the dearth of research originating from Africa. It is one of several initiatives that the Network for African Researchers has instigated.

Author : Editor

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