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iHub By Hilda Moraa / March 22, 2012

ICT Hubs Model: Understanding the Key Factors of the iHub Model


iHub research has released the final model report which can be downloaded here.  iHub Research is currently dis-aggregating the unique factors that make up ICT Hubs models in Africa and the iHub was the first to be profiled out of the other 14 Hubs/Labs.


Mixed methods were used to understand the unique factors of the Hub model:  IDIs (In-Depth Interviews) with 4 management team members, 1 Focus group with 3 iHub employees, 5 profiled case studies on the iHub, and available secondary information on the iHub website. The data collection took a period of one month, followed by one month of analyzing and reporting. All interviews took place within the iHub space: The respondents  chosen carry out varied roles and responsibilities in managing the iHub, therefore iHub research was able to obtain a wider perspective of how the iHub works: ie 1 advisory , 1 Network manager, 1 community manager , 1 general manager, 3 employees.

In the coming week, iHub research will also be releasing the Entrepreneurs report that aimed to understand the Impact of the iHub model to the entrepreneurs and their start-ups. The findings from the other remaining 14 Hubs will be profiled in a report series, which will be released over the following months. Stay tuned!

Author : Hilda Moraa

  • Peter Chemuigut at 08:51:38AM Monday, March 26, 2012

    Very interesting and thanks much for sharing the model for Ihub that is really working in Nairobi.
    Do you have plans to roll in other major cities or in other africa cities?

  • Hilda Moraa at 15:50:32PM Monday, March 26, 2012

    hi Peter, thanks for your comment. Yes we do have plans to roll out the research study in other major cities in Africa as have mentioned. Will keep updating on the blog as soon as we commence the studies in the other Hubs in Africa.


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