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iHub By Patrick Munyi / December 1, 2011

Google+ API Hackathon


Calling all Kenyan coders!

After the really fun Google+ hackathon we did in Johannesburg, we’re bringing the action here to Nairobi on Saturday, December 10. If you’re interested in the Google+ API, you’re going to want to be here for this! We’ll be covering the +1 button, Google+ hangout applications, and working with the Google+ public data API. And of course, there will be awesome prizes for the winning app.

Jo’burg built a hangout app that was out of this world!! So lets see what kind of innovation Nairobi can deliver!

The Details:

What: Google+ API Hackathon

When: Saturday, December 10 2011, 9am to ~7pm

Where: iHub, Nairobi

How: Apply below ASAP!

Lunch and snacks will be provided, and you’re encouraged to join us at the Brew Bistro afterwards for drinks.

Space is limited so be sure to register to attend by December 6. We’ve got a few questions on the form designed to assess participant skill-level. We’ll get back to you no later than December 8 with registration confirmation. Hope to see you there! Let me know what you’re excited to learn about & try out in the comments!

Register HERE!

Original Post by Bob Aman

Author : Patrick Munyi

  • Rodney at 15:04:20PM Monday, December 5, 2011

    I’d like to participate in this image

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