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iHub By Leo Mutuku / September 29, 2011

Synergistic Communities


Today, the iHub hosts one of the “Fathers of the Internet “, Google’s Vinton G. Cerf, in an interactive session from 2.30-6.30pm. This session, Synergistic Communities, will also include a fireside chat.

Link to this blog for live updates as well as on our twitter page.


Author : Leo Mutuku

Leo leads the data science lab at iHub Research. She conducts research on open data, data science and visualisation, design research methods, market and investment research.

  • George Mbuthia (@DonGeorgeM) at 15:13:49PM Thursday, September 29, 2011

    @iHubNairobi Thanx for the recording the podcast, looking forward to it!!!

  • FW Kamaitha (@Kamaitha) at 15:25:12PM Thursday, September 29, 2011

    RT @iHubNairobi: There is no limit to imagination- Dr. Vinton Cerf


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