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Uncategorized By Patrick Munyi / July 20, 2011

Nation Media round-table session with the iHub Community


Nation Media Group (NMG) is East and Central Africa’s largest media group spanning eight newspapers, three TV stations and three radio stations. The Group is also a significant player in the digital space, with the regions largest website as measured by audience numbers,

NMG has embraced the challenges and opportunities offered by the digital space through the development of various online and mobile brands. The Group does however recognize that this space is changing rapidly and it is keen to engage with communities such as the iHub Community to exchange ideas and develop products that resonate with its broad base of consumers.

NMG would therefore welcome the opportunity to engage with the iHub Community in a half day round table session, this Thursday 21st of July,  around the following three agenda points:

1.       Feedback on our digital products. Which ones do you interact with?

What do you think of them? What could we do better?

2.       Breakout sessions on three areas:

a.       improving interactivity across our platforms

a.       an editorial idea that will resonate with young guys

b.      a non-editorial idea that we can commercialise e.g. a mobile/online game

3.       A presentation from the ihub community on their top ideas/apps

The session kicks off at 2pm and will run until 5pm. Snacks and drinks will be provided, so come hungry!

To participate in this round table discussion, please register on this link

Author : Patrick Munyi

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