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iHub By Jessica Colaço / July 29, 2011

Introducing August as the Law Month


In this innovation space, there are many opportunities for creatives, programmers and developers to make their mark. The realities however, is that so many applications and/or works are being developed at such a fast pace that quite often, competing applications can appear almost alike. Most of the time this has leads to court battles.

If you’re a developer, programmer, creative or endeavor to become one, you should be aware that the easiest way you can protect the products of your efforts is by copyrighting them. Just like literary works, software and creative work falls under the category of  intellectual property, and must be protected in order to preserve the legal rights of the original author. A knowledgeable and qualified law practitioner knows exactly what papers need to be filled out and submitted in order for your work to be safeguarded, and in most cases, he or she can usually complete the job quickly and with minimal red tape.

Having this in Mind, we have reached out to a number of practitioners who are willing to come and run sessions on different topics at the iHub. We will have different workshops, talks and one on one’s with the Lawyers at the iHub during the whole Month of August. Below are some of the topics that will be covering during this period.

o The international copyright system
o Kenyan copyright system
o What is copyrightable, and what is not copyrightable
o Patents – protection of inventive ideas
o International patent systems
o The Kenyan patent system
o When to get a patent, and when not to get a patent
o How to get a patent – lawyers, patent agents, patent offices
o Patent infringement - Other ways of protecting inventive ideas
o Utility patents
o Industrial Design patents
o Trade secrets
o Contracts
o Trademarks and servicemarks – protection of distinctive marks
o Requirements for a trademark
o Registered v. unregistered trademarks
o International trademark systems
o The Kenyan trademark system

Participants will have access to the Practitioners in-house and will engage them with whatever law questions they will have. We will share a weekly schedule of days that we will have the lawyers at the iHub and will send out direct emails to registered participants. If you would like to participate during these weekly sessions, register here to receive updates.

If you would also like to Participate as a Practitioner, we are looking for help and would love to talk to you. Email Tosh for further details on how to become a part of this exciting month.

Author : Jessica Colaço

Jessica Colaço is currently the Director of Partnerships at iHub. She was the Founding Manager between 2010 and 2011 at iHub and Research Director between 2011 and 2013 at iHub Research. She is passionate about Innovation, Research, Mobile and Robotics Technology, Mentorship and Entrepreneurship in Kenya as she uses her position at iHub to court local, regional and international stakeholders to adopt Kenyan-made and African-made solutions. As an upcoming angel investor, she courts local and international investors to invest in great tech ideas and companies at idea and concept stage. She is also a Mobile and Robotics Tech Evangelist, Co-Founder of WMIAfrica and AkiraChix, ISOC-Kenya Chapter, Treasurer, ACM-W Nairobi Chapter Chair, TED Global Fellow 2009 and upcoming Guitarist. She was named one of the top 40 women under 40 years in Kenya's business scene by Business Daily on 2009, 2011 and 2012. Her endeavour is to put Kenya and Africa on the map for technology achievements and spur innovation within the country and continent! She blogs at:

  • Dadi at 11:36:25AM Monday, August 1, 2011

    This is a very crucial issue in the IT industry. Most of the young techies don’t know what to do do when they come up with innovative stuff in the market. So, big up on taking up the initiative to educate and help them/us out. Keep up the good work ihub.

  • Tosh at 11:50:58AM Monday, August 1, 2011

    Dadi, Thanks alot for your comment. We are also very lucky to find the Lawyers who are willing to come on board for this. We will share the schedules in a short while. Cheers

  • Rasoah at 14:14:57PM Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    This in addition to the creative commons is really going to be of great help to us, knowing exactly what to do with the stuff I find on the net(legally) is really going to help guys share what they’ve been withholding due to legal matters. Does my white membership allow me to attend?

  • Rob at 13:43:01PM Friday, August 5, 2011

    I hope the focus wont only be on IP protection. How about legal advice on using social media to crowdsource venture capital for technology and digital media startups. Does this violate CMA laws?


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