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Uncategorized By Hilda Moraa / June 15, 2011

Pivot25 Day 2 Samsung presentation by Robert Ngeru, Commerial Director East and Central Africa


On the second day of Pivot25, Robert Ngeru, Commercial Director of East and Central Africa, briefly presented the latest news from Samsung including its current largest project, “Samsung Chat,” a free Samsung-to-Samsung device chat service.

Samsung focuses on creating solutions for the societies we live in, with a “Build for Africa” theme. The company is supporting many initiatives with local drive and different strategies and is also a big supporter of m:Lab and other local universities.

Samsung supports Android strongly. Last year, 10 million devices were shipped on Android, and Samsung is working on furthering Android aggressively.

Samsung’s largest current project is the Samsung Chat. One can chat with any other Samsung device around the world, free of charge. Samsung Chat is SMS-based.

A developers contest is coming out soon in mid-July, and all developers are welcome.

The biggest drive globally is smart phones. Samsung has come up with the new Galaxy S2, set to come out next month. The device will be thinner than the previous Galaxy and is organized to be more intuitive. Tablets are also a focus. Next week, Samsung is launching a new 10.1 inch tablet that operates both as a tablet and also as a phone. The tablet uses Android, has dual Wi-fi, 1.2 processor, and all Microsoft Office applications are free on the tablet.

Samsung is always looking to partner with other local teams to create innovations that will build innovation in Africa.


Author : Hilda Moraa

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