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iHub By Patrick Munyi / June 29, 2011

Orange African Social Venture Prize

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The Group venture capital subsidiary, Orange AMEA (Africa, Middle-East, Asia), in collaboration with CSR divisions and Innovacom is launching the Orange African Social Venture Prize. This prize aims at promoting social business projects, targeting the African countries of Orange’s footprint, with a large focus on ICT and innovation.

In this context 3 winners, either students or new entrepreneurs wishing to participate in African development, will be selected and will receive a financial allocation (€ 25K, € 15K, € 10K) and receive six months of coaching by professional entrepreneurship, ICT and venture capital.

The digital projects range from e-health and mobile banking to digital and mobile applications for education or agriculture. They therefore represent huge opportunities for social development.

Participants, regardless of nationality, must be more than 21 years old, can either be students, entrepreneurs running companies since no more than 2 years on the launch day of the competition. The companies or projects are required to target at least one of the African countries of Orange’s footprint. Their core business has to use technology in an innovative way to enhance living conditions of local populations.

Applications are being accepted between June 8th to September 15th 2011.

For more information on how to apply, click here

Author : Patrick Munyi

1 comment
  • Joseph at 19:42:50PM Saturday, July 2, 2011

    This sounds to be great. I love it.


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