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Uncategorized By Hilda Moraa / June 15, 2011

Google Presentation by Dennis Gikunda, Senior Program Manager for Google, Sub-Saharan Africa


There is a growing middle class in Africa, which means increasingly Africa is becoming a very important market to look at. It is also a very diverse market and to come up with proper products, Google must look at things through the lens of clients.

78% of East Africans who have mobile Internet only use their mobile to access the web. 50% start their mobile Internet use with a Google web search.

2010 and beyond will be the decade of mobile. In 2012, it is predicted that mobile Internet users will surpass desktop Internet users. There are some major trends for mobile:

  • Entertainment
  • Immediate
  • Local

Google’s goal is to create meaningful impact in a long-term way. Therefore, they are working to address many of the barriers to entry including access (infrastructure, points of presence) and availability.

Finally, don’t forget to enter the Google Regional Android Developer Challenge ( All application submissions are due on July 1, 2011. There are two rounds of vetting and three categories under which you can submit your apps. Winners in each category will be announced September 12th and will be awarded $25,000.


Author : Hilda Moraa

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