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iHub By Erik Hersman / October 6, 2010

Fireside Chats and Community Forums

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We announced late last week that Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph will be joining us at the iHub for a couple hours. It’s a time for questions to be asked of him, but also a time for him to talk about the last 10 years of his time leading Safcom. Unlike

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / October 6, 2010

Mobile Advertising in Africa – Ankit Rawal

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We are very happy that Ankit Rawal, Head of Advertising, Africa, InMobi will be giving a presentation at the *iHub_ Nairobi on Thursday the 7th about Mobile Revolution and Mobile Apps in Africa. Ankit prides himself on being a mobile evangelist and is focused on growing advertizing performance within the

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iHub By Erik Hersman / October 4, 2010

Welcoming Tosh to the iHub Team


I’m always thrilled to have exceptional people to work with. Tosh (@iTosh) is joining the iHub team as the new Community Manager, responsible for making sure that everyone coming in has a warm smile to great them and knows what’s going on in the space. He’ll be the main point

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Michael Joseph

iHub By Jessica Colaço / October 2, 2010

Reflections with Michael Joseph


PLEASE NOTE THAT iHub is PROVIDING THE SPACE FOR THIS SESSION and ELIMISHA US is hosting the session. The *iHub_ Nairobi and the Elimisha_us initiative are pleased to announce that Michael Joseph, the CEO of Safaricom Ltd, who is due to retire on November 1, 2010 will come to the *iHub_ Nairobi to meet

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