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iHub By Jessica Colaço / October 12, 2010

Tandaa Tech Ideas Funding Challenge


Of late funding challenges have been buzzing in the tech scene. This is good news to the tech community which means finally we’re being noticed and our work is being appreciated.On Monday,18th,October,2010 from 2:00-6.00 pm at iHub, Tandaa has set up a panel of venture capitalists that will listen to

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / October 12, 2010

IPO48 registration extended

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This the the first ever event to happen in Nairobi where by the tech community in Kenya will connect and create a new idea,mobile and web services within 48hrs. There will be angel investors and mentors who’ll be looking forward to invest  in lucrative ideas. You do not have to

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / October 12, 2010

Meet the Lady behind the iCow idea!


Su Kahumbu-Stephanou founded Green Dreams Ltd. in 2000, an organic farm in Tigoni, Kenya, dedicated to serving local consumers. Green Dreams now works with Kenyan farmers to achieve organic certification and connect them with local markets. They opened their first organic store in 2006, and are working to create Kenya’s

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / October 8, 2010

CIO 100 Award Competition


CIO East Africa is launching the first CIO 100 award competition on ICT innovation within organisations. The awards will honour 100 organisations demonstrate excellence and achievement in ICT and are creating new business value by innovating with ICT. Synovate East Africa is in the process of recruiting and surveying on

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iHub By Jessica Colaço / October 6, 2010

Secretary Clinton Congratulates Winners of First Apps4Africa Competition


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today congratulated the winners of the first Apps4Africa competition, which brought together local technology entrepreneurs to build tools that serve the needs of local NGOs and their communities. “Your work to develop 21st century solutions to Africa’s challenges is a powerful example of what

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