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iHub By Erik Hersman / June 14, 2010

Zuku: Bandwidth Heaven for the iHub!


Bandwidth is the lifeblood that brings us together in this new digitally connected internet age. This was never more true than this weekend at Barcamp Nairobi where we collectively downloaded 152 Gb and uploaded 53 Gb of data in two days.

A BIG Thanks to Zuku

As we scrambled last week to get the iHub ready for Barcamp, we realized that we needed more bandwidth. Zuku came through for us. Over the course of 36 hours a team of 10 engineers managed to pull in a fiber line to our building.

That’s insane!

However, they weren’t done there. The team then proceeded to crank the bandwidth up as high as possible. They removed all restrictions on the account and set us up at 100Mbs in their headquarters, but due to this happening so close to the event, we weren’t able to troubleshoot speedbumps in the system, so we only reached 20Mbs.

Here’s a visual report of the Barcamp Nairobi data usage:

From the traffic, you can see that there was a fair amount of torrenting going on, you don’t get 53 gigabytes of data upload from a Barcamp by just uploading pictures… :)

Both the iHub and Zuku were very happy to provide super fast data connectivity for the geekiest meeting of 2010 yet. It allowed us to stream the event live, upload pictures, download movies and geek out to our hearts content.

Everyone who took part, please extend a warm thank you to Zuku for hooking us all up!

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Author : Erik Hersman

  • Angela Oduor at 21:32:21PM Monday, June 14, 2010

    THANK YOU ZUKU!!:) :)!!

  • Kibe wachira at 23:15:08PM Monday, June 14, 2010

    thanks Zuku for your continued support.

  • jke at 02:17:50AM Tuesday, June 15, 2010


  • Jessica at 00:29:54AM Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Asante sana!!!

  • Denis at 11:08:02AM Wednesday, June 23, 2010



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