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Uncategorized By Joseph / June 13, 2010

Barcamp Nairobi 2010: Day 1 Wrap Up


In the afternoon session,BarCamp Nairobi resumed right after lunch. This session kicked off with Mike Macharia, C.E.O of Seven Seas.He talked about the importance of mentorship for young entrepreneurs in businesses, illustrated the importance of business training for everyone, but especially for Techies. He highlighted the importance of merging the business aspect with the technical aspect. Directly addressing techies, he advised them to start thinking about the business point of view, and suggested that it would be great if iHub began training techies on business-Business 101 sessions.Macharia also stressed the value of partnership for all those in business, stating that those in business should strive to partner with other businesses, in order to move forward and build value in their companies.

Tonee Ndungu took to the floor again, this time round hosting the raffle session. Up for grabs was Google’s Nexus 1, “…straight from the box”. In Round 1, he asked 12 members of the audience to pick up 12 business cards and contact information that guests had earlier dropped into a raffle bag. The names on all the 12 participants’ cards that had been picked were called out, and given really cool BarCamp T-shirts.

In Round 2, three participants were picked from the 12 business cards. The three were in competition for the Google Nexus 1. Tonee asked Paul Kukubo,  Phares Kariuki and  Erik Hersman to pick three business cards out of the 12. The three had to answer questions put to them about google, and Benjamin Kilonzo from Technobrain emerged the winner after scoring the highest points for answering the most questions correctly. He walked away with a Google Nexus phone courtesy of Google.

Erik then took over the session by giving a brief talk on Ushahidi, how it started up, and what it’s all about. This session was the last for the day, and attendees then converged outside to get their T-shirts.

All in all, Day 1 of BarCamp Nairobi was a success,  Thanks to everyone who came.

Author : Joseph

A USIU trained journalist & an aspiring animator Joseph thrives behind the camera. He is a still photography and videography aficionado. Joe is currently the director/editor behind African Tech Bits, an iHub production that features start ups in the tech scene. This Canonite can mostly be seen at the iHub in the company of his Canon 550D.

  • Frankie Mangoa at 17:31:38PM Sunday, June 13, 2010

    I think it is awesome that tech industry is growing back at home and I hope to be a part of it when home.I do think that Mr.Macharia is right about the mentorship because if water is directed in a pipe it is managed better than when not.Good Job Guys

  • Sgacheru at 18:28:58PM Sunday, June 13, 2010

    I had an awesome time on both days. Thanks to everyone who put it all together. Am definitely coming next year’s bar camp!

  • zachary kabui at 11:05:25AM Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Please inform me the next time there is a Barcamp in Nairobi

  • Jessica Colaco at 13:55:25PM Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    We will.

  • Edwin Kamau at 13:55:58PM Friday, June 18, 2010

    The Bar camp was off the hook. Kenya should now engage in such things regularly.
    It was awesome.


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