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Uncategorized By Joseph / June 12, 2010

BarCamp Nairobi 2010: Day 1 Lightening Sessions


Lightning Sessions

The morning session is over, having seen great presentations and interactive sessions. Next up are the Lightening sessions, organized by Judith Owigar. In the lightning sessions, those presenting give short 5 minute intense talks about a topic of their choice.

Kahenya’s entertaining presentation on Virn Instruments Yogurt, Version 3.0 here.

AkiraChics Judith and Jamila giving a talk about AkiraChix here on the idea behind Akirachix.

Sajid Thomas on Geography and how to find your significant other using G.I.S mapping. Single ladies and gentlemen, this sounds interesting…

Sajid Thomas on “Small is Beautiful”- how to make your website super fast.

Kareem Kanji on his experiences about his first time in Kenya, and an anecdotal story on LOL- between a son and his father. Is it LOL-Laughing Out Loud, or Lots of Love?Lol…

Jepchumba of African Digital art, with  an interesting take on using your computer to make beautiful art.

“There is going to be a change on the internet on the domain system coming soon…” Look out programmers.

Crystal Kigoni on Voices of Africa organization, and some of their current projects, such as the internet Rural Internet Kiosks, with a 512Mb bandwidth capacity.

Erica Hagen of Map Kibera, on the new project they’re working on, involving citizen Journalism.

Mocality on the business of Business Directories in Africa. :getting the word out on unique ideas. Ufahari already has a huge following on Twitter, just two weeks after launching, showing the huge market that exists for peoples ideas to be put out there.

Brian Okello from Shika talks about a partnership with AkiraChix in a bid to have the girl child embrace technology.He illustrates the importance of setting up a center for the girls that they are working with from the slum areas. He also talks about the importance of not just training these girls with IT skills, but also creating opportunities where they can use their skills. This can be done through setting up a freelance Hub, where the Tech community can involve these girls in freelance projects.

Author : Joseph

A USIU trained journalist & an aspiring animator Joseph thrives behind the camera. He is a still photography and videography aficionado. Joe is currently the director/editor behind African Tech Bits, an iHub production that features start ups in the tech scene. This Canonite can mostly be seen at the iHub in the company of his Canon 550D.

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