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Uncategorized By Erik Hersman / March 12, 2010

Nairobi Tech Scene is Buzzing!

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A brilliant video, put together for our awesome neighbors, the 1% Club (in the iLAB).

Be there tomorrow at the 1% Event, it’ll be at the University of Nairobi. Churchill is taking over the place, so bound to be funny and a little crazy at the same time!

“The 1%EVENT is an Open Space event that brings together innovators, young professionals, entrepreneurs and change-makers and invites them to share their ideas on what information and communication technologies can mean for finding innovative approaches for sustainable development.

We are the first generation that truly has all the tools and knowledge on hand to collaborate on a worldwide scale. After all, if we can write an encyclopedia (Wikipedia) together, why not use the potential of Web and Mobile for the Development of Africa?”

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Author : Erik Hersman

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