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Uncategorized By wanjiku / March 10, 2010

Dot Mobi to visit the iHub


There is no doubt that first time attendees of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers meetings find it hard to understand what the organization is all about and how you can benefit.

For many people, am sure we want to know how it will add more sufurias (cooking pots) in our kitchens or whether it has any relevance at all. You can read more about it

ICANN brings together registrars, registries, businesses, non commercial users. Buts safe to say that ICANN meetings are dominated by commercial interests.

One of the registries participating in ICANN is dot mobi, the people in charge of .mobi registry. I have met Francesco in previous meeting and he has expressed interest to meet Kenyan techies; to get to explain more about dot mobi.

So, Francesco is interested in talking to mobile application developers; dot mobi has cool developer stuff and they are working with major handset manufacturers on various aspects.

Local hosting companies and registries; there is a lot of talk about providing services via web but how do you make sure that end users get the right experience?

Domain marketers; if you buy domains from ICANN accredited registrars, it means you can access resources at dot mobi either in terms of advice or anything else without going through the registrars out there…that is for dot mobi.

Any other interested party; if you just want to learn more about opportunities at dot mobi, just come and listen.

where; Nairobi Innovation Hub (iHub)
4th Floor Bishop Magua Center (opp. Uchumi Hyper Ngong Road)

When; tomorrow (Thursday 4.00-5.30 pm)


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Author : wanjiku

  • nicholas rukaria at 19:19:27PM Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Save me a sit.

  • jke at 19:21:37PM Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Will there be any follow-up on iHub on this for those who won’t make it?

    I was even thinking about a Wiki / virtual guest book to keep note of all visitors who made it to the iHub + share their knowledge for future reference. Or just via the blog? (i know this is work, pole)

  • allela arthur at 19:21:58PM Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    on my way to oracle evening class. these guyz were in town already, saw them in cck bus at the hilton.we will be there to see what collaboration can come off this. mobile application dev still needs a lot of system infrastructural ideas such as APi for both web apps and client resident apps, operatoe level resource too such as cell id and more and more/ check out ericssonn labs- great mobile developer resource here.

  • Learn about Dot Mobi at iHub | at 22:03:49PM Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    [...] more on the iHub blog. Share Events, Mobile dotMobi, ICANN, ihub, Kenya, Mobile, nairobi [...]

  • Patrick Mwendwa at 04:03:25AM Monday, March 15, 2010

    I am proud of you guys and all the initiatives that you guys are putting into this thing (Technology). It is the only way that us as young people can express ourselves. Keep up the good work.


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